This nice tropical property consist of 3 separated houses.
First main house consist of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living area, and terrace.
Second house is divided on 2 studios, each one with kitchen, 2 entrance and bathroom.
Third house consist of 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.
House sizes:
Main house 191 SQM/m2
Second one 2 studios each one 44 SQM/m2
Third one 104 SQM/m2
Lot size 1358 SQM/m2
In the middle of the property there is a nice tropical garden between the houses, with pool, and jacuzzy.
Each house has a separated electricity metre, and also there is a solar system, that really reduce a lot, the electric bills.
The property has 2 separated entrance, a parking lot inside, and video surveillance all over the property, and inside. (8Cameras)
In garden there is a many fruit threes, like Papaya,Banana, Chinola, Juka…
The main house is gated, and with separated entrance from street, can be used separately then other houses.
This property can be used as commercial with case to rent all 3 houses,or to live in main, and rent the other two.



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